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Mike Love performs "Permanent Holiday" at Lion In The Country.

Maoli performing "Thriller" at the Halloween Block Party 2009 on Ali'i Drive.

Kawao performing "Human Nature" at Native Fete Vol. 2

Anuhea and Kimie perform "Come Over Love" at the Private Pa'ina. 

Anuhea performs "Crown Royal" at the Private Pa'ina.

An Den performs "Get Up Stand Up (An Den Version)" at "Thriller", A Halloween Celebration 2010.

Ooklah the Moc performs "Hell Fire" at Lion In The Country.

Ooklah the Moc performs "Fafa Island" at Lion In The Country.


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    • LIVE from Las Vegas

    • Food Fight For Hunger at Waiakea High

    • Merrie Monarch Parade 2012